Golden Tiger Karate holds monthly rank tests, in which eligible students display their knowledge and ability of the martial arts in front of a panel of black belts, and an audience of family members, friends, and guests. Listed below are the students that tested, along with their promoted rank. Our students continue to excel every single day, and they show that dedication through all of the events and demonstrations that we do. Rank testing is a way to positively reinforce the hard work they have put into the martial arts. A big congratulations for everyone on this list.

April 2019

Robert Kopishke Brown Belt
Terry Sherrill Green Belt



January 2019

Eric Gorski Purple Belt
Kaylee Hacker Green Belt


Jr Black Belts

December 2018

Malcolm Lehman



Gabe Sawarynski


December 2018

  Drew Bauer 2nd Red Belt
  Graham Paul 2nd Red Belt
  Joseph Paul 2nd Red Belt
  Zachary Abbadessa 2nd Red Belt
  Terry Sherrill Purple Belt
  Robert Kopishke Green Belt
  Nancy Kutzer 3rd Red Belt
  Julie Shelly 3rd Red Belt


September  2018

Kaylee Hacker Purple Belt

August  2018

  Robert Kopishke Purple Belt

May  2018

  Terry Sherrill Yellow Belt
  Robert Kopishke Yellow Belt