Golden Tiger Karate’s philosophy is that karate is a good vehicle in life to obtain goals set by each individual. These goals are as varied as people are varied. They are as individual as people are individuals. A goal may be better physical conditioning, flexibility, stamina, weight maintenance, self defense, conquering fears real or perceived, meeting new people and making friends, learning an age old art that has as many faces and styles as people on the earth. Goals can break down barriers within and outside oneself. Who hasn’t been wowed by the martial artist in the movies and on television? Their feats are astounding, beautiful, fluid, powerful, calm yet intense. What child after watching Ninja Turtles or Chuck Norris hasn’t kicked a few boards or walls or kids?

Our motto is “making the impossible possible.” Have you ever said I could never do that -- it’s impossible? Most people have at one time or another succumbed to negative thinking without opening their minds to possibilities.

Some milestones students have reached are:

Making the impossible…possible

                one student at a time at their own pace